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 section leaders and there duty's

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PostSubject: section leaders and there duty's   Sat 27 Feb 2010, 04:23

Section Leaders have the following responsabilities.

1. To Relay and carryout elder commands and requests.
2. To handle general organization in their section, which includes: claims, defensive help, and general control and maintenance of their section.
3. To handle disputes in their section and if need be to report it to the elders if they cannot take care of it.

If there are captains in the leader's section they will handle specific duties for the leader of that section like handling only offensive actions or defensive actions or resource trading, etc. But they will be overseen and handled by the section leader.

At the moment the following members are holding the positions:

section 44:

leader: (still open)
captain: (still open)

section 45:

leader: arrowess
captain: (still open)

section 53:

leader: (still open)
captain: (still open)

section 54:

leaders: coxxy
captian: (still open)

section 55:

leader: journeyman_711
captain: glole

section 56:

leader: der schlangemann
captain: (still open)

section 65:

leader:(still open)
captain: still open)

it's a "GAME" not "REAL LIFE"
but hè "LET'S GET CRAZY" anyway
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section leaders and there duty's
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